Exposing Counterfeiters


We begin by providing the client with a report on the current state of countefeiting around their brand. We search the most notorious knockoff-selling sites for their products and brand infringements. We also search for the pseudonyms that factories and retailers are using to stay under the radar or IPR patrollers. Using this information we create a comprehensive plan that matches the clients goals and budget.


We monitor e-commerce sites for counterfeit goods and trademark infrigements. When we find something suspicious, the product infomormation is compiled into our database. The client has access to all this information in real-time so they can share information with their internal team. We send special alerts to the client when we find potential leaks in the supply chain (components for sale ect).


We take our the information we've gathered on the infringments and present it to the websites as proof of IPR violation. This process takes usually 3-5 days to complete. When questions arise, we followup on listings and work with the platforms until issues are resolved. This is where our experience and fluency in Mandarin makes the difference. We know how to deal with Chinese manufacturers, e-commerce sites and a deep knowledge of local business practices. Takedowns are recorded in real-time and monthly report on activity is provided to the client.

Sites we monitor


94% C2C market in China. Combined with Tmall to have USD$159 billion in sales. Thats 12x eBay.


Global leader in helping small/medium sized factories connect with buyers. 78% marketshare in B2B space.


Largest wholesaler website. Offers free shipping worldwide.


Links factories to buyers in China. This is how Chinese retailers buy their counterfeits for Taobao, Paipai and eBay.

We also monitor Tmall, DhGate, iOffer, JD.com, Made-in-China, Suning, eBay, Paipai, Amazon.com, Amazon.cn, and 360buy.

Client Portal

Using our client portal, you'll be able to monitor what we are doing in real-time. You'll see statistics about where fakes are coming from, which of your products are be counterfeit and which platforms you are getting hit the hardest on. This will prove to be a valuable internal asset as you strategize manufacturing and sales plans.

Our client portal is now also mobile friendly, making your monitoring easier.

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