A large surf/snow apparel company had been trying to fight Chinese knockoffs for years.

They wanted help going after the entire value chain of counterfeits, from manufacturing to the small-scale seller. Within 24 hours of enlisting our services, we had identified three factories in China that were producing and selling high-quality copies of their 2013 snow jacket line. The biggest concern was that these factories were selling in bulk for under $40USD per piece.

We provided images of the products (obtained from the counterfeit manufacturers) to our client. The client's product team was able to quickly identify several indicators that the products were fakes. Some of the inside stitching was wrong and an incorrect tag had been used.

Armed with these details, we approached the websites the factories were using to offer their counterfeit goods to retailers: Alibaba, 1688, AliExpress and DhGate. We provided sufficient evidence to these websites to initiate a takedown of the factory's online wholesale storefronts. Within three days, over 27 listings offering the counterfeit snowboarding jackets were removed.

Thirty days later, we have found no evidence that the sellers have continued to produce or sell these goods.

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